10″ Multi-Power Fan
[2 pcs/Case]

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Stay cool and connected for up to 7 days without power with the innovative Multi-Power Fan. Engineered for efficiency, it automatically selects the optimal power source to ensure continuous operation. This fan is designed for maximum versatility and reliability, providing comfort during emergencies and beyond. Ideal for power outages, outdoor camping, or everyday home use, the Multi-Power Fan is the ultimate solution for all your cooling needs.

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  • 7-Day Uninterrupted Operation: Ensure continuous performance with our Multi-Power Fan, equipped with a robust rechargeable battery that delivers up to 7 days of operation on a single charge.
  • Triple Power Options: Utilize versatile power solutions with the Multi-Power Fan—operate it via standard electrical outlets, switch to the built-in rechargeable battery for unplugged use, or insert standard batteries for additional flexibility in any setting.
  • Smart Power Management: Experience seamless functionality with automatic switching to rechargeable batteries when unplugged, maintaining uninterrupted operation.
  • Built-In Power Bank: Maintain connectivity during power outages with the integrated USB-C power bank, capable of charging phones and other devices.
  • Portable and Convenient: Designed for ease of transport, the lightweight Multi-Power Fan is ideal for travel, outdoor applications, or enhancing any workspace.
  • Soothing White Noise: Benefit from gentle white noise that promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality, making the Multi-Power Fan suitable for both day and night operation.
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